Best Dog Quotes: Excerpts from
'Hunting for Heart'

by Ellen Landauer

These best dog quotes from 'Hunting for Heart' are here to give you a peek into some scenarios from the book.

Chapter 11 - 'KIYLA'  page 63

'The Monks' book, 'how to be Your Dog's Best Friend' is my training bible. The basic idea is that I must dominate and control my dog to keep her from dominating me....

'The book asserts that the domestic canine is programmed with the same instinct as the wolf - to dominate by the use of fearsome threat and force. I learn that I must wage war against the untrustworthy wild nature of my puppy. The irony of the book's title somehow escapes me.'


'Tail waving sinuously, fat little butt moving in a jaunty, self-assured rhythm, Ena goes directly and unhesitatingly toward what attracts her. Full of desire, enthusiasm and joy, she shows me what it’s like to be fully alive.'

Chapter 35 - 'CONTROL FREAK'
page 226 - 227

'Ena still marches after me with no indication that there is any chance she will drop her precious prey. It is clear she intends to possess both toys! I now feel intimidated, annoyed (and fearful?) that Ena's will is prevailing over mine!

'I dance and pirouette, wiggling the toy. I crouch and grimace, praise her, tease her. Now I feel like a total idiot, a state of affairs which is becoming all too familiar as training progresses. Ena looks directly at me in that unnervingly penetrating way, the Kong toy still clamped in her jaws.'

Chapter 35 - 'CONTROL FREAK'
page 227

'Ena’s total disinclination to do my image of what I want, and my refusal to force her to do it, shakes the cracked foundation of all my old beliefs about dog training. 

"You want the one with the iron temperament," Kevin had said, "the one who looks as though she is figuring everything out."

Do I?'

page 281

“Hey, Mario! Check out this wacko dog!”

'A cook from one of the restaurants, taking a break outside this sunny, late Fall afternoon, calls through a doorway to his buddy. 

'Ena and I are having a Paleolithic brawl right in the middle of the sidewalk on Main Street in downtown Northampton.'

page 319

'Ena instantly turns toward me, her body supple as butter, ears forward, jaw hanging open, looking up at me with that ‘I’d-love-to-eat-you-alive’ smile. The other dog is not even a memory.

'Ena seems to say, ‘Here I am, I’m all yours. What would you like me to do? Anything you want. Just tell me what you want.’

'Happily, calmly, Ena walks to the car with me, the lead slack between us. Obviously, there is nothing in the world she would rather be doing!'

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