Reviews of Hunting for Heart

by Ellen Landauer

Border Collie leaps for frisbee

Dear Ms. Landauer,

It is not my style to critique, however -

Hunting for Heart spoke so to my heart as well my head that I was driven to step outside of my own box.

I didn’t expect a book of such depth … such wisdom.  After all it was only about dogs.

I admit I love to read. However that Hunting for Heart proved to be easy reading while profoundly erudite was more than I expected. I don’t know how to thank you. 

Were that not enough you write in prose that borders on poetry. Depth, easy reading and beautifully spoken.  I’m speechless, envious as well as grateful.

If anyone chooses to gift a loved one with Hunting for Heart instead of another piece of  "whatever” may I suggest you advise them to make sure to read it before they give it away if you can.

Thank you. 


Victoria Bennett

2/8/20 NYC, N.Y.

Beautiful English Bulldog

Ellen's book, "Hunting For Heart",  is so insightful and heartwarming.  

Her eye-opening discoveries of our dog's innate nature resulted in a much closer and stronger bond with my doggie as well as other breeds.  

It's a "must" read for all dog owners.   

Thanks Ellen for such a great book!

Jim Roberts, Delaware

Bulldogs playing in water

Hunting for Heart describes Ellen Landauer’s lifelong journey as a dog lover and also her journey as a human being. The heart she longs to understand is as much her own as that of her fierce but loveable dog.

Her dual discovery of her dog’s nature and her human nature takes courage and self-analysis.

This memoir should interest not only dog aficionados but anyone trying to make sense of the connections between people and their natural surroundings.

Tinky Weisblat - Author, singer and historian

Ellen I received your book, and I don't know how to explain it, but it's the most brilliant thing I've ever read, and I've read thousands of books, but it's - marvelous. The heartfelt way you write has touched me in a way that goes beyond almost anything else I've read.

I commend you - I can't even tell you how much I commend you for all the work you've done in this book, and what it means to me in the short life I have left.  But it's really been discovering for me - the way you have written this book. 

I don't even know what to say - it's overwhelming. It's a great creation you've done and I want to take my hat off to you many millions of times. 

Thank you very much for sharing your life's experiences in this book. It is just a shadow of what you probably know. But at least it's helped me to realize that the capacity to feel and empathize is such a valuable experience. I can't tell you how much your book means to me - and - I hope to see you in Heaven. Thank you kindly.

Don Tyson

Los Angeles, California

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