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by Ellen Landauer

'Hunting for Heart' helps you discover a whole new paradigm of understanding our beloved dogs.

Reviews of Hunting for Heart

Reviews of Hunting for Heart, the book.

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Kevin Behan Natural Dog Training Originator

Kevin Behan Natural Dog Training

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Abused Dog Behavior

Abused dog behavior - what are the signs? How to help a stressed pup heal.

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Puppy Potty Training Schedule

Puppy potty training schedule: An in-depth discussion which will make it easy to succeed.

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Puppy Training Timeline

Puppy training timeline - an in-depth discussion of the real issues to consider when raising your new companion.

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Puppy Socialization Info

Puppy socialization info: making sense of one of the most misunderstood aspects of raising a dog.

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Author Ellen Landauer

Author Ellen Landauer found at a very early age that the gaze of a dog connects us to everything in our Heart.

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Best Dog Training Books

The best dog training books commonly promoted on the web give you everything but what is ESSENTIAL!

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Crate Training a Puppy

crate training a puppy is really EASY! The benefits are you can use it to create a clear demarcation between acceptable behavior indoors and outdoors.

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Our Primordial Bond With Dogs

Our primordial bond with dogs - how do we rediscover it?

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