Hunting for Heart: blog

by Ellen Landauer

'Hunting for Heart' helps you discover a whole new paradigm of understanding our beloved dogs.

Our Primordial Bond With Dogs

Our primordial bond with dogs - how do we rediscover it?

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Buy 'Hunting for Heart.' Personalized signed copies available.

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Training Puppy Not to Bite

Training puppy not to bite: The vast majority of dog 'experts' have no clue - AND it's easier than you think!

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Abused Dog Behavior

Abused dog behavior - what are the signs?

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Reviews of Hunting for Heart

Reviews of Hunting for Heart, the book.

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Hunting for Heart: the Book

Hunting for Heart: the book. Signed copies available. Buy more than one and save...

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The Puppy Kindergarten Training Class from Hell

The Puppy Kindergarten Training Class from Hell - a chapter from Hunting for Heart, for you to enjoy!

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Puppy Socialization Info

Puppy socialization info: making sense of one of the most misunderstood aspects of raising a dog.

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Dog Story Quotes and Chapter from Book

'Hunting for Heart' dog story quotes and a chapter from the book.

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Soaring With the White Dove

The white dove stayed long enough to teach me something I needed to know.

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