Hunting for Heart: blog

by Ellen Landauer

'Hunting for Heart' helps you discover a whole new paradigm of understanding our beloved dogs.

Puppy Rearing Mistakes

German Shorthaired Pointer pup running

Puppy rearing mistakes: I am well-acquainted with them, as I made a lot of them myself!

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Stop Puppy Biting

stop puppy biting shoelaces

Stop puppy biting: How a commonly used 'training' method causes MORE behavioral issues.

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Dog Story Quotes and Chapter from Book

Corgi pups

'Hunting for Heart' dog story quotes and a chapter from the book.

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Author Ellen Landauer

Dalmation pup

Author Ellen Landauer found at a very early age that the gaze of a dog connects us to everything in our Heart.

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Abused Dog Behavior

Red Hound sad eyes

Abused dog behavior - what are the signs? How to help a stressed pup heal.

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The White Dog


The white dog was so beautiful, he stopped me in my tracks. It was forty years ago, but that day lives in me forever.

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When Your Dog Dies

wh your dog dies 4

When your dog dies: What is revealed, and how do you find peace and wholeness?

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Natural Dog Training Consultations

Progress food and pushing w Retriever

Natural Dog Training Consultations give you the unique opportunity for real harmony and cooperation with your dog!

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Playing Tug With Your Dog

Kevin Tug with Guy

Playing tug with your dog: Teaching him WHAT to bite rather than NOT to bite is a great way to increase the bond between you.

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Puppy Socialization Checklist

Boy and retriever pup at sunset

Puppy Socialization Checklist: What should you include, and how to proceed.

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