Hunting for Heart: the Book

by Ellen Landauer

Have you ever longed to go beyond commonly-held notions of what direct communication with your dog really is, what it feels like?

How do you make a quantum leap to find the kind of harmony with your dog of which even many of the best trainers only dream?

'Hunting for Heart' is a journey from cluelessness, through desire, fear and despair to the exultation of finding harmony with the part of a dog that is the most misunderstood - and most feared - their wildness.

Ellen Landauer's odyssey of personal growth provides insights and vital clues on discovering the ancient bond. It takes you from childhood fears and fascination with dogs, through the angst of struggling with numerous training methods and commonly held ideas about the nature of dogs.

Serendipitously, Ellen meets Kevin Behan, a trainer who is a real 'dog-man.'

He answers questions she never even thought to ask.

Ellen finds herself living with Ena, whose high-drive working temperament  is as primordial as it is inspiring.  As Kevin guides her in raising Ena, everything she previously believed about dogs gets turned on its head.

Once you read this book, you may never see dogs the same way again. And that is a good thing - not only for your dog - but for YOU!

Beautiful East German Shepherd lying on moss in woods.

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