Author Ellen Landauer

by Ellen Landauer

Author Ellen Landauer found at a very early age that the gaze of a dog connects us to everything in our Heart.

Author Ellen Landauer found that the gaze of a puppy connects us to our Heart

It took over 40 years for a fortunate turn of events to connect her with the dog and trainer who brought her back to the essence of that experience.

Too often, opinions of 'experts' obstructs this clear view. Ellen spent forty-plus years searching for that pure immediate experience in all the wrong places. Reading countless books and listening to all manner of dog trainers and armchair experts, taking endless 'dog training' classes - resulted in wandering through the desert of other peoples' commentary on what a dog is or isn't, and how we should interact with them.

Author Ellen Landauer:
Years of Confusion About Dog Training

Author Ellen Landauer's attempts to apply various theories to the living experience of interacting with dogs only served to magnify the confusion. She was also not aware that the dog training methods she chose to employ were a reflection of a lack of emotional wholeness in herself.

No matter the method, gentle or harsh - the result was the same. Invariably, the hallowed opinions of dog 'experts' took Ellen further from what it means to be truly human, and compromised the health and emotional stability of the dogs subjected to such training.

Author Ellen Landauer:
A Lifelong Search for the Truth About Dogs

Ellen found that practically every training method one way or another works against the best qualities of dogs.

No matter the breed, or purpose for having a dog, the more in harmony one is with their true nature, the better everything will work out.

All her life, Ellen studied about dogs and spent as much time with them as she could. She has been involved seriously with dogs since 1984 - worked with emotionally damaged dogs at animal shelter for 4 years, practiced many kinds of obedience training, engaged in high level obedience competition, Schutzhund and protection training. 

Author Ellen Landauer - Natural Dog Training helps dogs open up emotionally

PHOTO ABOVE: Author Ellen Landauer initiating 'food and pushing' work with a client's dog. This helps develop emotional openness, calmness and focus - and is later used to channel the dog's energy into heel, sit, down, stay.

Ellen studied for 20 years with Kevin Behan, who developed Natural Dog Training and was more knowledgeable about dogs and the natural world than anyone she ever met.

Under Kevin's guidance, Ellen raised two very high drive, powerful temperament East German Shepherds with serious working background. She also spent lots of time by Kevin's side observing and often assisting with the worst of the worst - dangerously aggressive dogs - and saw them transform in his hands...

Sadly Kevin is no longer with us, so Ellen is among a very few left to carry on his amazing work as best she can...

It is her hope that 'Hunting for Heart' helps to fulfill that purpose.

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