Best Dog Training Books

by Ellen Landauer

The best dog training books promoted on popular sites are devoid of the true essence of canine / human connection - the Primordial Bond. 

Attraction of puppies to children is innate - nothing to fix here!

When dog and human are truly emotionally aligned with each other, lots of commands, repetition and compulsion or bribing are unneccessary.

Natural Dog Training results in a harmonious energetic bond in which the connection is continuously happening on a gut level. 

A cornerstone of Natural Dog Training is establishing emotional rapport.

While dogs are ALWAYS perfectly tuned in to what is going on with us on a deep emotional level, sadly the reverse is rarely true. Humans tend to project their own agendas onto their dogs, resulting in conjectures with NO basis in reality, about who their companions are and what they are feeling. Decades ago, I was one of those humans.

All this is not to say the vast majority of us don't feel love for dogs - WE DO! 

Unfortunately, the 'expert' training advice we all too often follow belies our love.

The Best Dog Training Books Give Everything But What's Essential

The commonly promoted 'best dog training books' give you:

- behavior modification techniques (how to 'fix' your dog)

-'animal communication' (how to have a mental/intellectual relationship with a creature who is pure Heart, and emotionally more intelligent than most of us)

- alpha-wolf domination (how to scare a puppy or dog into a lot more behavior issues than they would have without it)

- treat pup or dog like mother dog would treat baby (more domination)

- clicker training (don't do it with any major distractions)

- get the picture. 

What does your dog want most of all?

But if your dog could speak, what would they say they want above all else? 

What they would ask for is NOT in the 'best dog training books' listed on countless websites.

Too many trainers have lots of ideas on how to 'mold' your dog's behavior. The result can 'look good' to the uninitiated. But have dogs and their people sacrificed their wholeness in the process??

A Whole New Paradigm

Where do you find what is NOT in the popularly promoted 'best dog training books?'

Most methods are based on 'fixing' the dog. But what if it's us humans that need fixing?

To transcend the limitations of virtually every other method out there - requires a paradigm shift! If you yearn to go beyond pat intellectualizations and rationalizations, letting go of preconceived notions and knee-jerk reactions is essential to achieving genuine emotional rapport with your dog.

Commonly recommended best dog training books have many clever ways of stopping unwanted behaviors such as jumping up and biting, yet are woefully inadequate in recognizing that the basic nature of all dogs is good and there is nothing to 'fix.' Training based on faulty premises is by definition flawed.

A puppy who is emotionally open is a joy to behold!

REAL training HARNESSES the dog's energy by giving them what they want above all else, bringing dog and owner into perfect emotional alignment. The owner becomes the answer rather than the adversary.

In Natural Dog Training, the impulse to behave is not imposed from the outside by the owner, but arises naturally from INSIDE the dog.

Most often what ends up happening is that conventional training (and many newer methods) drive an emotional wedge between dog and owner. Pups learn avoidance and compensating behaviors at a very young age because they get 'corrected' (frightened) by owners that let a pup get into a situation they are too young to handle. For example, setting pup loose with a bunch of boisterous kids, which can stimulate many pups into biting and jumping. THEN, the owner embarks on a training program to fix problems they unwittingly created.

REAL training fosters an unshakeable emotional rapport that builds on the innate attraction between dogs and humans. That attraction is built-in; you don't have to 'fix' something to make it happen.

A basic principle of Natural Dog Training is that when you attract and channel 100% of your dogs drive and energy, your dog is trained.

Lots of training methods 'appear' to work because dogs at their core are infatuated with us humans and want to find a way to be in cooperative relationship with us. This is true of ALL dogs, no matter how impossible their behavior. 

Most people in all their good intentions throw that innate attraction right out the window from day one of obtaining a dog or puppy. Why? Because no one helped them understand the true nature of dogs. 

Understanding the true nature of dogs requires us to forget most of what we think we 'know' about dogs, to see them with new eyes. 

This is why I decided to get 'Hunting for Heart' into print. It takes more time and explanation than just describing a technique or trick, to help you see a new paradigm.  

I took great care to tell this story in a way that educates, entertains and touches the soul. Thus far, reviews that have come in suggest that you, too, will enjoy this book...

BUY 'Hunting for Heart' and
Rediscover Your Primordial Bond With Dogs

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