Dog Behavior Consultations

by Ellen Landauer

Dog behavior consultations are a dime a dozen.

So are short term solutions techniques you will find all over the internet.

Puppy wants to bite

PHOTO ABOVE: Puppy angles for a bite.

Is this the beginning of trouble?

NO! This is the beginning of a cooperative bond you may never have dreamed of - IF you do the right things...

The problems with popular methods of dog training are:

1 - The theoretical models driving them are false.

2 - They don't give dogs what they most crave above all (HINT: It's not food or love).

3 - Popular training, like conventional disease treatments, don't get to the real cause and heal the rift between dog and owner. 

Like allopathic medicine, popular training alleviates symptoms while driving the imbalance deeper, making it increasingly difficult to reach the heart of a dog.

4 - Popular training gives formulas and schedules. It does not help owners gain the emotional fluidity to be present and responsive moment to moment with their dog. 

When people are given formulas, it enables them to remain on auto-pilot, anaesthesized from deep feeling. They aren't challenged to grow and evolve.

For people who want auto-pilot convenience and a quick fix, fine. 

If you are a person who likes the taste of 'red pills,' we likely will communicate well with each other, to the benefit of your dog.

Natural Dog Training asks us to open to a whole new paradigm.

1 - Natural Dog Training works because it is in harmony with the true nature of dogs. It disproves popular hypotheses every time.

2 - Natural Dog Training gives both you and your dog what you most want.

Dog Behavior Consultations
for a Win-Win

PHOTO BELOW: No, this baby puppy is not hurting me!

puppy biting

There's a better way.

What if you and your puppy/dog could BOTH have what you each most want?

What if you were to see beyond the surface manifestations of behavior into the depths of your dog's nature?

What if you had ways to DIRECTLY communicate with your canine companion (and receive their communication)?

What if you learned how to resolve the energetic/emotional blockade between you and your dog?

The rewards are great. Are you ready for a whole new level of communication between you and your dog?

If so, a Natural Dog Training consultation may be in your future!

Young dog behind tree, peering at owner

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