Our Primordial Bond With Dogs

by Ellen Landauer

Our primordial bond with dogs...

Have you ever wondered what it could be like for you and a canine companion to enter a wordless state of pure energetic flow, perfect attunement and seamless cooperation - no commands needed?

Communication does not get any more direct than that!

Beautiful dog, morning sun, sparkling dew on the grass

Rediscovering our Primordial Bond with dogs requires a deep dive - into the wild side of ourselves as well as our dogs.

This ancient connection was established before recorded history. It has endured through shifting civilizations, through countless generations of human and canine. 

These creatures have been at our side from the beginning.

Dogs have saved us from loneliness, intruders, earthquakes and fires.

They have been our hunting companions, guarded our flocks, protected our homesteads.


Do we really know them? 

Trapped by myths of 'conventional wisdom,' we may wrestle with contradictory ideas about the nature of dogs and how to best get along with them. Or - we may spend years training relentlessly with one or more renowned 'experts,' only to one day encounter a 'wake-up call' and find ourselves back at the beginning again.

The one thing nearly all of us do right is - we LOVE our dogs, we love ALL dogs.

Kevin Behan, the trainer who introduced me to the true nature of dogs says - 'Dogs are all Heart.'

We are touched to the core of our being in the presence of dogs. Yet, we often struggle with conflict over how to 'be' with them. 

What ways of thinking, what fantasies and emotional barriers must we dismantle to rediscover our Primordial Bond with dogs?

How can we find the essence of an ancient relationship which seems to have disappeared in the mists of time? 

How do we imagine what it's like, or even know if we 'got there?'

Could it be that your dog wants this even more than you do?

A pup is pure love

'Hunting for Heart' is a personal story of healing, through the trials, tribulations and triumphs of rediscovering our Primordial Bond with Dogs.

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